Jordan's only outlet to the sea. Enjoy Aqaba's main attractions including some of the world's finest scuba diving and snorkeling, a full range of water sports from beachfront hotels, an extensive aquarium, and a museum. One can swim, sail, surf and water ski, or dive into a magical world of exotic fish and corals.

Aqaba is a coastal town in the far south of Jordan, with its' spectacular Red Sea setting of purple colored mountains and sandy beaches. The only Seaport for the country, known as a diving and beach resort.

The city of Aqaba has been inhabited since 400 BC, profiting from its strategic location at the junction of trading routes between Asia, Africa, and Europe. Being the center of the Edomites, followed by the Arab Nabateans.
It was formerly known as Berenice for the Greeks and Aila for the Romans.
The city was under the rule of the Islamic Caliphate during the Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids and the Mamluks.
By the beginning of the 16th century the city came under the Ottoman Rule. Declined in status for 400 years, and remained a simple fishing village of little significance.
The occupying Ottoman forces were forced to withdraw from the town during the World War I, after a raid, known as the Battle of Aqaba, led by T.E.Lawrence along with the Arab forces of Sharif Hussein in 1917, making the territory part of the Kingdom of Hejaz under the rule of Prince Faisal.
Aqaba was ceded to the British protectorate of Transjordan in 1925.

The city is well known for its beach resorts and luxury hotels, servicing those who come for fun in the sand as well as water sports (Windsurfing & Scuba diving). Nonetheless, offers activities which take advantage of its desert location

Aqaba has been chosen for the site of a new waterfront building project that would rebuild Aqaba with new man-made water structures, new high-rise residential and office buildings, and more tourist services to place Aqaba on the investment map and challenge other centers of waterfront development throughout the region.

Aqaba has been chosen as the Arab Tourism City of 2011